"Power. Passion. Presence. 'Nuff said...", Tom Robinson


"Surely, the Next Big Thing has never been so young. Not even old enough for a paper round, Ned The Kids Dylan is a wedge-haired warrior whose 60s-style folk-rock shows more maturity than most of the second Beady Eye album. Actually, it’s better developed than their first as well. His acoustic numbers drum up the spirit of his namesake, Bob, and Richie Havens, slinging anti-establishment messages like ‘Brands Are 4 Cattle’, and with ‘The Glastonbury Song’ up his baggy-t-shirted sleeve, this boy is sure to be on a Worthy Farm winner." Virtual Festivals


"Ned kicks ass!", Huey Morgan

"I love Ned. I first saw him at The Cambridge Folk Festival", Mark Radcliffe

"That's Some Presence", Britanny Howard - Alabama Shakes

"...Such Charisma", Johnnie Walker

"Ned The Kids Dylan tears it up live", The Line Of Best Fit

"One day he'll headline Glasto", Dave Pegg

"I hope he'll still speak to me when he's famous", Mike Harding

"One Day we'll be talking about the day we met Ned", Emmy The Great

"Ned The Kid Dylan's playing with all kinds of fire these days. This is a wonderful new direction for him", Caitlin Rose

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Upcoming Dates 2014

January 14 2014 - Filming 'The Slammer' Show for BBC - MediaCity Manchester

Feburary 7 2014 - Cool Cat's Cafe London

Feburary 13 2014 - Picturedrome, Northampton

Feburary 22 2014 - The Good Ship Kilburn

April 12 2014 - Elemental Festival

April 19 2014 - Yard Life Festival - Islington Metal Works/Electrowerkz

May 1 2014 - Garibaldi Northampton

May 4 2014 - The White Horse Bedford

May 16 2014 - Something Else Somewhere Else Festival

May 22 - 25 Bearded Theory

May 23 - The Slammer (Airs On CBBC at 5.20PM)

June 1 - Festival Insider Radio Special

3-4PM Brooklands Radio Live

June 7 - Grillstock Bristol

June 29 - Grillstock Manchester

July 17-19 Once Upon A Time In The West Festival

July 24 - July 27 2014 The Secret Garden Party

August 9 2014 - Summer Bandstand Series, Abington Street, Northampton

August 24 2014 - Watchet Music Festival

August 29 2014 - Wilkestock

September 13 2014 - Windmill Brixton 18+

September 21 2014 - Rockin Roadrunner, Abington Park, Northampton

September 27-29 2014 - Something Else In The Dean

October 30 - Picturedrome Northampton Nyctophobia Film Premiere 16+

May 16-18 2015 SESE Secret Location Nr Banbury

August 29-31 2015 Watchet Music Festival